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Drinkin' Buddies

Drinkin' Buddies

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grillers, Emerson, NJ

Grillers on Urbanspoon

Where: Grillers, Emerson, NJ

What: The Original "G" Burger w/ Cheese 
Build: 1/3 lb patty, cheese, raw onion, pickle, egg bun.

What: The Whistle Pig Dog  
Build: hot dog, bacon, bun, horseradish mustard.

What: The Wild Wild Burger   
Build: 1/3 lb patty, onion rings, BBQ sauce, Cheddar cheese, bacon, egg bun.

Comment: Nice new business, a cashier/waitress who was as friendly as she was attentive. However - that didn't keep this burger joint from being VERY disappointing! I'm not going to go on and on about how many aspects of Grillers were bad, but honestly folks, this place is brand new, they've been open about a month so you would think that they'd be on the very top of their game. Not even close. They choose to have one girl at the register and two teenage kids on the grills. That's it. No experienced restaurant person in the house. Really? Our burgers took exceedingly long to come out with the Wild Wild Burger arriving much later than the other foods. Cooking a 1/3lb burger med/rare takes what? 3mins? That's why judging by the wait time, we knew our meals were going to be overdone. And everything was. (cooked to "infinity and beyond") Really? Why the hell ask how I want my burger cooked if you are going to leatherize it regardless of what I request? And as the photos show, the burger-to-bun ratio was somewhere in the upper stratosphere. That roll could have accommodated a 1/2lb burger with 8 toppings! Geeeeez. I kept drinking to avoid choking, and if all this weren't bad enough, my burger did not come with cheese as ordered. I'm not sure why but lately it seems that my reviews have been 10/10's or Epic Crap Fail's... nothing in between. And with very successful slow-food burger joints popping up everywhere I can't imagine the Grillers folks could put out food this bad thinking they are going to make it. What a shame. I hate to give poor reviews to the Ma & Pa's but hey, you took my money for your product and your product was not worth my money so shame on you. This food was the worst I've had in a long time - EPIC CRAP FAIL -  2.2/10  on the BC food rating scale.

This is how I rate the burgers (and how I rated Grillers burger)
This scale is at the bottom of my homepage..... 

Criteria for ratings:Meat flavor  1
Juiciness 1
Size 5
Freshness 4
Burger to bun ratio 1
Bun Type 1
Overall taste with selected condiments 1
Eatability 5
Doneness 1

Total 20       Divided by 9 criteria categories = 2.2     

Doesn't look the least bit appealing... now look at the next photo below of the same burger....

Proof that my photos can make even the worst burgers look good

If anyone wants a burger on Angel Food cake, it's ready!

My buddy got the Wild Wild Burger and as you can see, the bacon is simultaneously burnt and undercooked... how does one do that?

This burger was also cooked to infinity and beyond.

This was the only edible thing we ordered and also the hardest thing to screw up. Overall taste was - just okay.

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