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Monday, April 30, 2012

Waffle House: Cheeseburger

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Where: Waffle House, Somewhere in West Virginia
What: Cheeseburger
Build: Cheeseburger, let, tom, onion - this burger surprised the hell out of me... cooked to perfection, med/rare on a toasted buttered roll... what more could you ask. It was GREAT! So were the hash browns covered with mushrooms and sausage gravy. 9.0/10

Bobcat Bite: Green Chile Cheeseburger

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Where: Bobcat Bite, Sante Fe, New Mexico
What: Bobcat Bite Green Chile Cheeseburger
Build: 9oz burger topped w/ white cheddar and green chiles from cast iron griddle. I had this one sent to me FedEx overnight by a friend in NM... WOW!!! Don't even think about K. 8.5/10

The Brass Ring Pub: Cheeseburger

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Where: The Brass Ring Pub - North Beach, Fla.
What: Cheeseburger
Build: 8oz meat, american cheese, f/o, pickle. 
Comments: Freakin excellent pub burger. 9.5/10

CLOSED! Jersey Burgers: Double Cheeseburger



Jersey Burgers - Ramsey, NJ

Double Cheeseburger

2 - 5oz burgers topped w/ ro and pickle.

If not for the 2 temperature burgers, (1 med/rare and 1 well) and the very stale roll, this could have been a contender. 7/10

Zhararkos: Gom Burger

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Where: Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor, Columbus, IN
What: Gom Burger
Build: Sloppy Joe style seasoned meat, cheese, onion, on grilled white bread.
Comment: Not sure it classifies as a burger and not sure I was on board with the sloppy joe type spices, but anything on toasted buttered white bread can't be bad. 6.5/10 

Holy Smokes: Cheeseburger

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: Holy Smokes - North Beach, Fl
What: Cheeseburger
Build: 9oz burger w/American cheese, sauteed red onion.
Comments: Though ordering was a nightmare, as the autopsy shot shows, the burger was excellent - and of course, NK 8.5/10

Blue Heaven Burgers: The Blue Heaven Burger

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Where: Blue Heaven Burgers, Harrisburgh, PA
What: Blue Heaven Burger
Build: Fresh 8oz burger w/Cheddar, let, tom, onion, mayo, chips on a great bun. 
Comments: Crappy photo, this was a great looking, great tasting burger. 8.5/10

Primanti Bros.: Primanti Burger

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Where: Primanti Bros., Pittsburgh, PA
What: Primanti Burger
Build: Steak burger, fries, let, tom on sliced Italian bread
Comment: Soooo disappointed after all the hype. Sorry, but this food was crap, my son and I were very let down. FAIL


Le Tub: Steakburger

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: Le Tub, Hollywood, Fla.
What: Steakburger
Build: Meat - 13 ounces of it with plenty of american cheese + FO.
Comments: Decent burger - but lacked a lot of flavor. (I had a tear in my eye watching my nephew kill it) 8.5/10

The White Dotte Dairy Bar: White Dotter Burger

The White Dotte Dairy Bar, Southhampton, NJ
White Dotter Burger

Nice size burger w/American cheese, raw onion, and fat barrel pickle slices. Comment: This is the first burger/ice cream/car audio place I've seen. Excellent find... def try this place. 9.0/10

Stopped in again today (6-7-12) thanks to Owen's, and found the staff every bit as nice as my first visit and the burger just as good.

White Rose Systems, Highland Park: Double Cali w/Cheese

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: White Rose Systems - Highland Park, NJ
What: Double Cali w/ Cheese
Build: 2 onion infused burgers w/ Let, Tom, Fried Onion, Pickle
Comments: Outstanding Burgers! (tastes much better than it looks) Strongly suggest visiting this place and strongly suggest NK.

25 Burgers: The Colossal & The Classic Burgers

Hill Country on Urbanspoon

Where: 25 Burgers in Branchburg, NJ
What: The Colossal and the Classic Burger
Top Photo Build: 2 huge patties, cheese, let, tom, frizzled onion, mayo. Chris Cozic sent in this nice photo - many thanks for a great shot!
Bottom Photo Build: 7oz burger flat grilled to perfection and topped with lettuce, tom, american cheese onion and pickle all on a perfect burger bun.
Kudo's on ownerships decision to omit K - this is def one of the best burgers I've ever eaten... 9/10 Sorry about the lousy picture... this burger deserved a professional photographer...