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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Biggy's Beach Grill - Doin' it right...

Biggy’s Beach Grill
1301 Long Beach Blvd. North Beach Haven, NJ

No Worries Mon (deluxe cheeseburger)

A deluxe cheeseburger with two quarter-pound seasoned burger patties (I can't remember all of the seasonings Biggy told me, but there was ginger, some kind of teriyaki?, onion?, etc...) 

I am not a fan of a heavily seasoned burger, especially the kind that has the seasoning blended into the meat to the point where my burger is no longer a burger, but a meatloaf patty.

Please do not order for me, if I want to eat meatloaf, I'll order it. 

With that said, Biggy had such a light touch when it came to his seasonings, I softened quickly.

The burger comes with the toppings on the side so you can build-to-suit. I prefer iceberg lettuce over the leafy green stuff, so I ended up with just onion on my burger which was fine with me.
I ordered the burger medium rare and it was served per my request. However, due to the burger being piping hot and me spending too much time taking photos, my burger continued to cook itself to a medium well. Bummer, but in fairness, it was my fault, not Biggy’s. 

The Burger Bun: 
Although it was very fresh, I'm totally over the trendy popularity of the brioche bun. Get me a good old fashioned burger bun (preferably potato). It's a burger for Pete's sake, stop with the wannabe opulence.  

All in, a good burger for $8 bucks and served with a side salad, it ain't bad at all. 

Biggy's gets a 7.9\10 on the BC rating scale. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cheezen Food Truck -

Where: Red Bank, NJ 07701
CheeZen Food Truck
Red Bank, NJ 07701

The Trio (yawn)

Gruyere, Fontina and sharp cheddar cheeses all melted over bacon with a fire roasted tomato aioli spread on sourdough bread.

As a lover of the grilled cheese sandwich, I had very high hopes for a food truck called CheeZen – who wouldn't? But alas, my dreams were shattered mid fantasy. 
My company's landlord had hired CheeZen along with two other food trucks for a customer appreciation day in Woodcliff Lake, so naturally I took a walk to see what it was about. I was the first to arrive at the scene around 11:45 a.m., and after skimming over the pizza and hotdog trucks I made a beeline for CheeZen. After a quick scan of the chalkboard menu I ordered the Trio sandwich. I turned to speak with my boss for a few minutes and when I turned back expecting my sandwich to be ready, I saw the cook taking two very burnt slices of sourdough bread off the grill. Uh oh...  After watching further I noticed the grill was so hot it was smoking, and the cook had to continuously move the new slices of bread around with the spatula to keep them from burning. Very thin slices of cheese were then laid on the bread followed by two slices of tissue-paper-thin limp cold bacon. He promptly took the sandwich off the grill to keep it from burning a second time, but the cheese had not even melted yet! I got back to my office to take photos and it had melted a bit from being wrapped, so my photos ended up making this sandwich look much better than it was.
I haven't reviewed an Epic Crap Fail in quite a while, but this one gets the prize. The cook had no more interest in serving a quality sandwich than he did writing his menu board. And when you're asking $7.00 and up for cheese and bread it should be stellar. 

Here it comes...


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

BHF Burger Specials

2115 Long Beach Blvd, Spray Beach, 08008 

Assorted burgers, a stuffed flounder sandwich and other assorted munchies.

This is my first review of the year for the awesome BHF burgers. I was glad to be back. How I missed that Black Angus goodness on a fresh baked ciabatta roll. Honestly, the burger meat at BHF is the great-tasting kind of flavor you look for at any burger joint, only to be disappointed. It may be a fish joint, but they are putting out world class burgers.

With that said, the burgers on the docket that day all slid easily into home with 10\10s on the BC rating scale. If you still haven't tried one of these char-grilled half pound beauties, I'm here to tell you, it's time. 

I've listed descriptions with comments accompanying my photos below:

The pimento cheeseburger... a south of the Mason-Dixon line favorite has made its way up to Jersey.  There’s nothing quite like the creaminess of pimento cheese combined with rendered beef fat. Talk about southern comfort food....

After taking the time for photos, my burger has cooked itself from medium rare to a medium well, but it was still excellent.

This was the most unique burger of the lot. The ingredients were so obscure that one might not even consider this a burger. It consisted of a ½ lb. Angus burger blended with chopped pickled ginger and chopped shrimp with a dash of teriyaki, then flame-broiled and wrapped in wonton dough and deep-fried until crisp. Next it was topped with seaweed salad, ahi tuna, sriracha mayo and cusabi sauce.

This is a creation of Chef "Magic" Mike. It is a ½ lb. Angus cheeseburger between two cheese quesadillas, along with mushrooms and onions sautéed in truffle butter and cream. 

This gastronomic delight (my fav of the day) Chef Mike has aptly dubbed:                       
"The South-of-the-Border Fatty Melt".

Chef Jude's Crabmeat & Pimento Cheese Stuffed Flounder Sandwich...

Sidebar: Pa was cookin' up some Sabretts… skins "on" (of course)....

Pa's homemade onions for the Sabretts are the best I've ever tasted...

Pimento Cheese drenched Sabrett right out of the salamander...