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Monday, June 19, 2017

Rony's Rockin' Grill, Bergenfield, NJ

Rony's Rockin' Grill
83 N. Washington Ave,
Bergenfield, NJ
201 665 4755

Cheeseburger: 6 oz. patty, cheese, onion, lettuce, Rock Sauce, bun.

Simon & Garfunkel Combo: Two plain cheeseburger sliders with fries and a soda.

Glad to see Rony’s still has that great, quality burger I sampled at the first location in Glen Rock. As for my recent outing at Rony's new location in Bergenfield, let's just say Rony renewed my faith in the Mom & Pop burger arena. I love to see people loving what they do for a living with pride and a relentless energy to succeed.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
~ Confucius

In hindsight, I should have ordered the sliders, and I plan to the next time I visit Rony's. My boss ordered them and they looked awesome. This is not to say that my burger was below par – it wasn't. In fact, it was darn good... Rony's slightly spicy Rock Sauce is not your run-of-the-mill special sauce. Rony's has got something unique going on there. I do, however, prefer the basics of burgerdom, i.e., meat, cheese, bun. And, although the cheeseburger with Rock Sauce was great, the simplicity of the sliders was calling my name. They are a full 3 oz. burger (weight after cooking). IMHO, it's an absolutely perfect sized slider. All-in-all, these burgers are great. Rony's receives an 8.8\10 from the BC rating scale.

BTW, the fries are some of the best you will ever taste... they've been voted best in Bergen county and I have to agree.

And, don't forget to check out his homemade magic brownie... a chocolate, chocolate, brownie made with a bottom layer of pure chocolate and Oreos baked in for an extra layer of pure decadence.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Neptune Market - Long Beach Island, NJ

Neptune Market8014 Long Beach Boulevard
Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008

Cracked Pepper Turkey Reuben

Cracked pepper sliced turkey, Russian dressing, coleslaw, Swiss cheese, toasted rye bread.



1/2 pound Angus beef, American cheese, slice raw white onion, 3 thick slices of a fresh cut barrel pickle.

I have to apologize for the minimal food photos. We ordered our food to go and we were so hungry that we began to eat in the car on the way home, so all I have to offer are two photos of our half-eaten sandwiches. The balance of the photos however, will give you a good sense of what the atmosphere is like at the Neptune Market.

This was our first time to the Market and we were not disappointed.
The Neptune Market is one of those places where once you're past the front door, you can feel your hunger growing. There's the open grills wafting clouds of burger and open-faced sandwich aromas, the small town general store atmosphere, and the slow-paced patrons sitting on antique-looking stools at the counter reading the morning paper with nowhere else to be. And the grill cooks know everyone by name. This is what the diner would be like in Willoughby - awesome.

First up, the Turkey Reuben... it was great; hot, toasted bread off the grill with fresh pepper turkey and dressing, and although the chalkboard menu stated "Reuben," the sandwich came with coleslaw instead. This would have made it a "Rachel" not a ”Reuben,” so I'll never be sure if they meant Reuben and mistakenly used slaw instead of sauerkraut, or if they intended to make a Rachel and just got the name wrong on the chalkboard. Either way, I don't care – the sandwich was great but some sticklers might call them out on it.

Next up: The cheeseburger…
After ordering, I was happy to see what appeared to be an 8oz patty slapped down on the grill, and although my medium rare order was served medium well, it still had enough juice to be enjoyable. Great beef flavor, but nothing else was memorable.

Between the food and the atmosphere, the Neptune Market provides a decent dining experience. Although the food needs to see a bit more attention to detail, it was okay and will not deter me from a return trip when I'm in the area. I'll also be paying attention to the market portion of the store the next time I visit, with particular attention to the meat counter.

Overall, a nice experience. This burger just barely made an 8\10 on the BC rating scale.

*Rating scale and criteria for ratings are listed at the bottom of the homepage.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Steve's Burgers of Garfield Does it Again

Steve's Burgers, Garfield, NJ
506  US Highway  46W
Garfield, New Jersey
2 Cheeseburger Platter

1/2 pound burger on Brioche

Patty melt on Rye

Meat, cheese, onion, pickle.

Since my first review of Steve's Burgers in December of 2012...
...I've become a frequent customer. That is to say, I just can't stay away for very long. Talk about cravings – move over White Castle. The flavor Steve achieves from grilling six ounces of ground chuck is incredible to say the very least. And his magic on the flat grill is only outweighed by his rock-solid consistency. Awesome.

Ever sit in a restaurant after ordering and start to feel a bit tense? Just a little apprehensive because you're worried that the excellent meal you had last time probably won't taste as good this time? Yup, we've all been there, and it's because the majority of restaurants aren't serving food consistent enough to give you the slightest confidence toward your next visit.

I'm here to tell you, this will not happen at Steve's. No sir, sir. Oh nay nay. In fact, the opposite of apprehension will occur; you will not only be confident that your order will be exactly the same as what you ate the last time, but Steve's consistency allows you to replace apprehension with anticipation, and all because this restaurant owner is consistently paying attention to detail.

The burgers in this review were hit so far out of the park I'm not going to insult burger guru, Stephen Chrisomalis with a 10\10 rating because it just won't do these burgers justice. 
I took the advice of one of the hand-written signs which hangs behind the counter this visit, it states: "Have a Hot Dog While You Wait" - I did. And it was so good I'm saving it for a future review.

A personal plea:
Steve, you need to open another store in the Valley Ridge Shopping Center in Wayne, NJ.
 There's a modest 1,500 sq. ft. storefront for rent (used to be a Subway so it's already prepped for a commercial kitchen). Subway couldn't compete with the local pizzeria (plus the fact that their food sucks), but a burger place would kill in this location as it's across the street from Wayne Valley High School.

Check out unit #8 here:

Keep up the great work...

Patty Melt = Stupid Good

Orange or Grape Soda with a Burger - The only way to go.

1/2 pound