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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Louis' Lunch: Louis' Cheeseburger

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Where: Louis' Lunch, New Haven, CT
What: Louis' Cheeseburger
Build: Vertically grilled burger on white toast with onion and American cheese.
Comment: While I had just left Ted's Lunch in Meriden very disappointed, I had high hopes for Louis' Lunch, the family that has self proclaimed to have "invented the hamburger sandwich". Another burger joint you've seen on TV, read about in books and on the Internet.  Another media blitz making a really bad burger joint seem like Heaven. I don't really give a damn about the history of Louis', I just wanted to see what all the buzz was about so I waited on line for 40 min and when I finally got my burger I thought maybe I was being punked. Seriously, this can't be what everyone is talking about. Really? Dry, dry, dry, tasteless, and did I mention it was dry? Crap. Fail. And yes, the liberal media sucks.

Ted's Lunch: Ted's Cheeseburger

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Where: Ted's Lunch, Meriden, CT
What: Ted's Cheeseburger
Build: Steamed burger with Vermont cheddar, lettuce, r/o on soft kaiser roll.
Comment: Where do I begin... First, click on the photo to enlarge the burger and take a good look. This is what crap on a roll looks like. Seriously, I've read about Ted's Lunch in books, seen him on TV, listened and read reviews on the Internet... I just don't get it...  The burger is steamed in a little steam box along with the cheese. Okay, steaming cheese - not so bad, but when you steam meat and then pour off all those wonderful juices you are just pouring flavor down the drain. Not to mention everything that makes a burger taste and feel like a burger in your mouth. This burger had the appearance of a small animals brain and the aroma was not one of a hamburger, but of bland overcooked meat. Ever get served a burger where the roll was so large that attempting to get a bite of the burger becomes a game of hide-and-seek? Well, the roll at Ted's is sooo large it's big enough to house 2 burgers. Sorry Ted, I just don't get it. EPIC-CRAP-FAIL.

White Manna: Cheeseburger

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: White Manna, Hackensack, NJ
What: White Manna Cheeseburger
Build: Sliders with cheese, fried onion, pickle on mini potato rolls
Comment: The restaurant photos are compliments of the Internet because I was so repulsed by the burgers the last time I visited White Manna that I didn't even get my camera out (the burger shots are mine). Seems to me they may have changed owners in the last few years, the burgers are just not what they used to be... and this was my second trip back after getting a bad meal.  The burgers were cooked beyond recognition - I watched my cheese liquefy and die on the flat grill because the cook was distracted BS-ing with patrons with a full grill - what a mess. Sorry, but I won't be back. But I will try the White Manna in Jersey City, NJ - I hear it's the original and as good as this place used to be. FAIL

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant: Puckett's Famous Burger

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Where: Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant Nashville, TN
What: Puckett's Famous Burger
Build: I'm pretty sure this burger was 6oz - it was topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion & mayo
Comment: Sorry for the lousy photo... this burger was nice and fresh with a fresh bun and fresh toppings and was cooked to my liking (med/rare). The meat however, was seasoned with an unidentafiable spice that reminded me more of a meatloaf than a burger. Not a big fan.  (7/10)

The Capitol Grille, Hermitage Hotel - Tennessee Stack Burger

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Where: The Capitol Grille, Hermitage Hotel - Nashville, TN
What: Tennessee Stack Burger and Fries
Build: Double 4oz burgers cooked to a perfect medium, rare and topped with lettuce and the Tennessee quaduple threat: Cheddar, Bacon Jam, sweet white onion and hot mustard.
Comment: Many thanks to Pete (our sommelier) for suggesting this masterpiece.... super fresh ground Kobe beef cooked to perfection on a fresh baked sesame seed roll along with great shoe-string fries. I had the side of Mac and Cheese w/ Truffle which was nothing shy of amazing. 10/10 Thank you Pete!!!   BTW, all aspects of service at the Hermitage were second to none.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doss' Old Fashioned Ice Cream: Cheeseburger

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Where: Doss' Old Fashion Ice Cream, Kernersville, NC
What: Cheeseburger
Build: 1/4 lb burger flat-grilled. What a nice find this place was... passed by it while visiting my brother in North Carolina. Great stuff here, burger had crispy crust from flat grill that brought back that old-time burger flavor. The people behind the counter could def have been friendlier, but I rate burgers only, I don't give a darn about attitudes or ambiance (lucky for them). 8/10

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alex's Cafe: Cafe Burger

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: Alex's Cafe Winston-Salem, NC
What: Cafe Burger
Build: Grilled mushrooms and onions with lettuce, tomato and mayo on fresh burger bun with provolone cheese. 
Comments: The presentation and ingredients were fresh and the service was good, but my med/rare order was delivered well done.  : (   That was worse than Santa Claus forgetting batteries on Christmas morning.  6.5/10 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Solly's Grille: Cheesehead Burger

Where: Solly's Grille in Milwaukee WI
What: Cheesehead Burger
Build: 2 - 1/3 lb patties w/ 1/2 cup butter. So much butta! -There's also a good amount of grilled mushrooms, onions, and Wissconsin swiss and american cheeses. And of course NK!

Homemade: Luther Burger

Where: Homemade
Name: Luther Burger (after Luther Vandross)
Build: Cheeseburger using grilled glazed donut as bun - bacon (egg over easy optional) - (we stuffed ours with blue cheese). Suggest adding Hellmans' but NK

My Grill at Home: The Classic Griddled Double

Where: My Grill last summer...
What: My Classic Flat-Grilled Double 
Build: 2 - 6oz (80/20) burgers w/ American cheese and chopped onion on buttered toasted Calandra's roll (Local North Jersey Italian Bakery)

Jake's Wayback Burgers: Big Jake Cheeseburger

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: Jake's Wayback Burgers, Elkton, MD
What: Big Jake Cheeseburger
Build: 3 burgers, cheese (duh!), pickles and raw onion 
Comment: This burger took me back to my childhood. The beef tasted like it could have been a 72/25 meat/fat ratio. Between the perfectly crisp pickles, fresh roll, burger, lack of ketchup, and consistent quality, Jake's has never disappointed.... Strongly suggest NK. 10/10

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Park Wayne Diner: The Miami Burger on French Toast

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: Park Wayne Diner, Wayne NJ
What: The Miami Burger on French Toast
Build: This burger rounds out the Park Wayne Trilogy - 8oz's of fresh ground beef, ham, swiss, mayo, mustard & pickle slices, waffle fries on french toast.
Comments: This was my son's creation and I was stunned at how well all the flavors blended so nicely. This was a very different type of Luther Burger but the savory/sweet scenario works perfectly! Burger was ordered med/rare, but as you can see we were delivered a med/well patty - it was good, but it kept this burger from receiving a 9/10.    8/10

The Park Wayne Diner: Monterey Jack Cheeseburger

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where: Park Wayne Diner, Wayne NJ
What: Monterey Jack Cheeseburger
Build: Melted jack cheese, avocado, arugula, red onions & honey mustard
Comment: Great specialty burger from the diner... the toppings on this one had been given some good forethought - they all worked together very nicely. Doneness was perfect and the roll was very fresh. 8/10

The Park Wayne Diner: Grilled Cheese Burger

Hill Country on Urbanspoon
Where:  Park Wayne Diner, Wayne NJ
What: Grilled Cheese Burger
Build: Fresh 80z burger tucked inside a classic American grilled cheese.
Comment: Click on the photos to see this baby up close and personal - Great burger, perfectly cooked med/rare, just the right amount to butter on fresh bakery white bread. 9/10