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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Beach Haven Fishery: "You're Not Scaring Me" Burger

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Where: Beach Haven Fishery, Long Beach Island, NJ
What: The "You're Not Scaring Me" burger.
Build: 1/2 pound 100% black Angus beef, American cheese, tartar sauce, a small squirt of K, sauteed white onion & portabello mushroom, deep fried pickles and French fries on pan fried (in clarified butter) Italian Panella bread, damn...
Comments: If you consider yourself even an amateur foodie, this place is everything you've been looking for. From the Disney-ish decor to the friendly staff, to the "never before have I tasted flavors like that" feeling you get with just about every menu item, you NEED to find your way here. This should be called the "where have you been all my life" burger. All these flavors were tempered in a foil wrap before being handed to me and the sheer weight of the burger told me I might be in trouble. I've been coming to the BHF since I'm a kid, the seafood is without question some of the best you will ever eat, but when I found out about the little known, weekly burger specials, I had to ask for one - It did not disappoint. Just click on these photos and take a High-res glance at what a perfect med/rare burger looks like. The toppings and bread along with a faint unidentifiable flavor actually made me forget my entire crappy work week. Simply put, I have not tasted a better burger to date. Don't miss this.

And along with this Chef Jude creation, Chef Mike saw my interest (and camera) and asked if I'd like to try one of his specialty burgers... I was honored to reply, "HELL YES"... see below...

Where: Beach Haven Fishery, Long Beach Island, NJ

What: "The Old Man and The Sea" burger.

Build: 1/2 pound 100% black Angus beef - deep fried, yes, you heard right, deep fried with American cheese, sauteed white onion, huge Brazilian shrimp sauteed in a blue cheese & butter sauce and the whole thing was placed on a fresh made pan fried garlic ciabatta roll.
Comments: Okay, so every so often we get lucky enough to taste a burger that blows us away... after the Beach Haven Fishery's "You're Not Scaring Me" burger, I was lucky enough to sample another burger creation from Chef Mike... This was obviously not Chef Mike's first Rodeo, there was nothing greasy here, and the flavors were popping like crazy. Yes, lightning struck me twice today... You just can't make this stuff up and quite frankly I don't believe I've done this burger justice with mere words... 

No, those aren't scalloped potatoes on top, they are saute'd onion slices....

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