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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

25 Burgers: The A-1 Bleu Burger

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Where: 25 Burgers, Flemington, NJ
What: The A-1 Bleu Burger
Build: Blue Cheese Crumbles, A-1 Steak Sauce, Crispy Onion Straws, Lettuce, Tomato & Chipotle Mayo on a Fresh Baked Miami Onion Bun
Comment: I ate at the 25 Burgers restaurant in Flemington, NJ this past Tuesday with my son-in-law, he'd never been to a 25, so I was excited to see his reaction. He chose the Bullseye BBQ Burger and I (very uncharacteristically) ordered something other than the "classic" cheeseburger - i got the A-1 Bleu Burger. The bun and burger were fantastic as usual and the blue cheese crumbles were also very good as well as plentiful, however, it was very hard for me to grasp any of the flavors other than the A1 steak sauce. That, along with BBQ sauce is (for me) way to overpowering on a burger, any burger - although my son-in-law loved his BBQ burger. My disappointment was caused by my own ordering mistake, but I did try to recoup by ordering a kid size burger with just raw onion and pickle thinking I might at least get the A-1 taste out of my mouth, (the lemonade wasn't cutting it) - but it worked, in fact, I left tasting that great 25 Burgers taste and was very happy. Lesson learned: never stray from ordering classic toppings for your burger. 8/10
Additional Wisdom: I believe the order process can help or hurt sales at burger joints. Look how well BK did with the "have it your way" campaign. I don't think having 25 Burgers with pre-determined toppings is necessarily a good thing - although the initial thought of having 25 burgers to choose from is. In any case, my point is, I think offering a basic burger with simple toppings to choose from is best. Just look at 5 Guys, they offer a simple basic fresh meat burger and YOU choose exactly what goes on top (or not) of YOUR burger - there's never a disappointing or missing topping... I'm just sayin'.... 

    A-1 Bleu Burger                                                                                                                            Bullseye BBQ Burger

I was very tempted to order the burger of the month...... (I have yet to have a traditional goober burger)

I was hurting for that great 25 Burgers taste so I ordered the kids burger with just raw onion and pickle after my A-1 Bleu Burger...  At least I left with a good taste in my mouth...

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