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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bucu Burgers and Cupcakes: Double Cheeseburger


Bucu Burgers & Cupcakes, Paramus, NJ


 2 - 40z 100% black angus beef patties, American cheese, red onion slices, dill pickle slices, ciabatta roll, mayo.

Note: I did not eat a cupcake, so I cannot comment on them other than they looked amazing - so did the cookies. I've been hearing about Bucu for a while now and I think I've been hesitant to visit because I thought it was going to be like Zin Burger in Clifton, NJ which really didn't ring my bell (sorry to all you Zin lovers, although I owe it a second chance). I didn't want that same "modern" burger joint with the contemporary furniture and lighting where your servers know nothing about the food they are serving. Even though I've said I don't give a darn about decor or a server's "friendliness", I do like a burger joint that I feel comfortable in as soon as I open the door, and I'm happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised at Bucu. Ordering is done at a walk-up register and after you order your burger (however you like it), you get a number for your table the same as you would at Smashburger. The burgers are then delivered to your table. Now for the good stuff... this burger was good, no, no, no, it was really, really, good. *Bucu ordering Tip*: if you opt for the ciabatta roll like I did, you will have to order the double patty or your burger will be lost in breadsville. The burgers were fresh from the griddle with cheese melted perfectly and my raw onion and pickle were more than ample yet not overdone. The burger was served a very juicy well-done (5 Guys style) and I could not have been happier with the flavor. My only complaint was the ciabatta roll. Even with the double burger, it was still too big and threw off the burger/bun ratio. This was my-bad though, I should have known better... never EVER pass up a potato roll. Back to the burger... it reminded me of that old-fashioned burger flavor that is what I look for in every burger joint I visit. I was lucky enough to find it at Charlie's Hamburgers in Folsom PA as well as a few other places, and now again at Bucu. Who'd-a-thought? And what more could you ask for?....great burgers.... 10/10
PS - I very uncharacteristically ordered chips on the side... they were homemade with rosemary and Parmesan... very nice.

I love the "Humane Animal Handling Practices" line below... I guess they mean that they are humane right up until 2 men place a tree cutting saw face up under good ole' Elsie's neck and take her to the next level pasture.  Or maybe they just say something like: "Elsie Honey, this is gonna hurt us more than it's going to hurt you" yeah, I guess talking "nice" constitutes humane treatment, but I'm guessing Elsie's lights were put out with the former, not the latter....

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  1. A ten out of ten from Mr.Cianci is pretty high praise. I will have to try one of these for mysefl.


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