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Monday, September 10, 2012

Boom Burger, Rochelle Park, NJ

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Where: Boom Burger, Rochelle Park, NJ
What: The Boom Burger & The Double Bacon Boom
Build: Boom Burger: Fresh ground 4oz patty stuffed with American cheese and topped with pickle slices, plum tomato slice, lettuce and boom sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.
Double Bacon Boom - Two 4oz fresh ground patty's layered with 2 slices of American cheese and topped with 2 crisp (round) bacon slices and boomsauce on a sesame seed bun.
Comment: I had no idea what to expect from this place, but I had a feeling it just might be good. After all, if you are going to go as far as to name your restaurant after a burger it can't be all that bad. I went for lunch with my son and after entering the front door, it took a minute for our eyes to adjust to the very almost too dimly lit seating area. (which explains the crappy photos) In fact, I got the distinct feeling there just might be a brass pole somewhere in the joint if I could only see further than 20 feet. The floor area is huge with flat screens everywhere, it really must be a great place to watch football. Anyhow, you know I don't give a darn about atmosphere, just bring on the beef - and that's exactly what Christian our waiter did. I (conservatively) ordered their signature "Boom Burger" but my son went right for the throat with the Double Bacon Boom. What a great culinary experience. The burgers were awesome, hot and fresh with great fresh toasted sesame buns. The burgers are stuffed nicely with what they advertise as real American cheese but tasted a bit sharp like a mild cheddar - either way, we loved it and my son knocked down the double before I finished my single. Our waiter Christian told us something that you won't see on the menu - they grind the burgers with a blend of short rib, brisket and black angus meats - (so that's where all that great flavor comes from). The next time I visit Boom I'm getting a double classic cheeseburger.  Fresh ground or not, in the end it's all about what burger is to your personal taste and there are thousands of burgers out there that are awesome without being fresh ground. I figure if you choose to grind your meat fresh to achieve what you consider to be a better tasting product, that's great, but I've got a real problem paying for extra "burger labor" - you wanna grind it? eat the labor, don't pass it to me... Considering overall value, I'm giving this place a  9/10.  Value is the only non-food aspect of a burger I rate on... if the Double Bacon Boom was priced more fairly it would've been a 10/10 without question but at almost $10 Bucks for a burger before fries and a drink, it's just too much especially when you consider the fact that you can get a killer double burger at Bucu Burgers & Cupcakes (see my blog from August 27th) for under $7 and it's very close by -   I'm just sayin'....

Double Boom
The burgers were NOT charred heavily as they appear in the photos, it was very dark in the dinning room and I had to lighten the photos with a photo editor - they were actually done perfectly

Single Boom

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