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Monday, September 3, 2012

Beach Haven Fishery - Shrimp Scampi Burger

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Where: Beach Haven Fishery, Long Beach Island, NJ
What: The Shrimp Scampi Burger
Build: 1/2 pound Black Angus Beef, 2 slices American cheese, 4 - 16/20 shrimp, butter, garlic, parsley, butter toasted Ciabatta roll, Parmesan cheese, fried onions.
Comment: Sept. 2012: So ends another summer season on LBI... I can see the north-bound traffic building from my 2nd floor deck and even though there is a touch of heaviness in my heart at seeing this summer come to a close, I look forward to a winter season with minimal year-round inhabitants and enough rest and peace and quiet to enable me to enjoy the next summer with a vengeance. And for those of you who feel LBI is "too far to drive" please keep thinking that and don't come here because if your intestinal fortitude does not afford you enough stamina to get you past an hour drive, you are not welcome here (and there's a good chance that you believe the liberal media also) - On with the burger....
Chef Jude's special burger this week was a testament to the great burgers I've been eating all year at the BHF. It epitomized all the great flavor combinations I've come to love and look forward to this summer - and so, with a tear in my eye, I have done my best to describe this last burger of the summer season. And for those of you who do not like burgers with "combination" ingredients, please stop reading and remove this website from your favorites list because you have less understanding and less respect for good food than our current Presidential administration has for the Constitution.
Rarely do burger toppings blend so well that you're not sure where one flavor ends and the other begins, however when this "does" happen, you tend to keep sampling it because even though you've previously tasted all these ingredients individually, once they are put together in correct proportions, it makes for a culinary delight you will not soon forget. The garlic, butter and cheese combined with the burger juices perfectly and with a healthy pinch of Parmesan cheese thrown on the top and fried onions on the bottom, I was once again, in burger Heaven. Thanks to all the staff of the BHF for a great, flavorful year, looking forward to seeing you in May...  10/10

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