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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Allendale Eats, Allendale, NJ

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Where: Allendale Eats, Allendale, NJ
What: Cheeseburger
Build: 80z Angus beef patty, American cheese, raw onion slices, dill pickle slices, kaiser roll w/ side of fries and brown gravy, and of course, NFK.
Comment: Finally - back to the basics at a nice neighborhood eatery. I have to admit, it seems the places that advertise many, many types of "Sanguiches" usually leave a little to be desired in the burger department which is why I never expected the burger to be as good as it was. I went to Allendale Eats without knowing a thing about the place other than it showed up on a Google search for places to eat in the Woodcliff Lake area. I had the cheeseburger with my own personal classic toppings (listed above) and the burger was fresh, not frozen and the roll was soft and bakery-fresh - what more could I ask for? Oh yeah, I should've asked them to butter and toast the roll - duh - next time for sure. The fries were just "okay" as was the mediocre brown gravy and Parmesan cheese but this is about the meat not the potatoes. The only points deducted from this beauty were because of the unmelted cheese - it should have been on the burger a bit longer before being served. Check the photos.... it was very good. As you know, I don't bring out the camera until after the food is served and that's when I grilled our waitress about the burger meat (pun intended). She was unsure about size, frozen/fresh, Angus or Sirloin and made several trips back to who I am guessing was the owner behind the counter. In the end it was a fresh 8oz Angus beef patty as the menu clearly states. It was a darn good burger. I left thinking I might be overreacting because I really didn't expect it to be as good as it was, but after further consideration on the ride back to work, it was definitely a darn good burger; even the temperature came out a perfect medium/rare on both my friend's burger and mine. I will definitely be back. My friend got the Wally Burger which is a strange name for a burger topped with Taylor Ham (pork roll) and cheese. All in all, Allendale Eats is to comfort food what butter is to a biscuit, so if you are in the mood for a good satisfying burger, stop by Allendale Eats.  Can't wait to go back and sample a hearty Sanguiche like Liverwurst and white onion... boy I hope they have pumpernickel bread..... 8.5/10   


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