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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Burger Bar, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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Where: The Burger Bar, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
What: The Hot Mess
Build: 8oz burger (I'm guessing the weight) topped with pickled jalapenos, apple wood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, cheddar and a spicy "blasting sauce".
Comment: I was on the fence about trying this place because it just looked too darn fancy from the outside. They have outdoor seating with fire pits in some tables and fancy lighting and chairs, etc. Anyway, the smell in the air would soon override all my hesitations and I went for dinner with my wife and brother-in-law. Before I go any further, I noticed that when I was Googling for info about this place, I was often reading about "Chef Allen" and his burger escapades - however, I did not have the pleasure of meeting him. I met Chef Matt Miller who IMHO, is a genius - a flat-out burger magician - you see, the menu fails to mention that the burger is a high-grade, coarse chop, fresh-as-you-can-get meat, and the menu also fails to mention that the cheddar cheese is not melted on the burger, oh nay-nay, it is put on the flat grill until it is a toasted piece of Heaven and then resides for the rest of it's short life under the burger. Whoa.... I'm just getting started.... The pickled jalapenos sitting atop this beauty perfectly compliment the Swiss cheese and perfectly contrast the rich tasting bun. Fresh Iceberg lettuce, tomato and a nice thick slice of red onion are placed along side the burger for you to use at your discretion. And did I mention the homemade pickle slices which I believe were also made in burger Heaven?  Hands down a 10/10 - keep up the great work Chef Matt! I'll be back in February. 

Where: The Burger Bar, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
What: The Beach Burger
Build: 8oz burger (I'm guessing the weight) topped with apple wood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, house pickle chips and beach sauce.
Comment: Not much to say about this one, it was perfect. My wife and brother-in-law were lovin' it also. The house pickle chips have a slight lingering cucumber flavor that is so fresh and memorable I have to commend Chef Matt for his choice of ingredients on this one also. Not sure if these burgers were originally his creations, but he was the guy I was talking to that night and he was very serious about his burgers so I'm assuming he's "the man". Kudos again on this masterpiece.  Oh, and take a look at that roll, it was stupid-good.  10/10.  

Where: The Burger Bar, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
What: The Burger Bar Lettuce Wrap
Build: Ground beef, Portobello mushroom, Mozzarella cheese, cucumber, served in a lettuce wrap with a spicy ginger sauce.
Comment: Ever have the lettuce wraps at PF Changs?  Good right? Let me tell you... you don't know good - until  you've had one of these. The flavors and textures of the ingredients all blended so well with this dish I kept taking smaller bites to make it last longer. This was   awesome and I highly recommend it as the perfect lead-in appy for a gourmet burger. Again, as I say in my blog description, I don't go for frilly burgers, and I don't - these burgers are neither frilly nor expensive - they are just really really good. 10/10 (VERY SORRY I only got one good shot of this beauty)


  1. See they use their branding iron!! Kudos Uncle Billy!!! Great Triple Burger Blog!!!

  2. I certainly agree. I am Chef Matts Mom and am very proud to be. He is a great husband, dad and son. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.


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