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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Munchy's, Wayne, NJ

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Where: Munchy's, Wayne, NJ
What: Cheeseburger
Build: Fresh 8oz burger patty, lettuce, raw onion, pickle chips, Kaiser roll.
Comment: This place is right in my home town and I've been trying to get there for months especially since I spent a lot of my teen years eating at their original Little Falls location. But the new place on Valley Road is IMHO, much better. The staff was very nice and the menu is large enough to make you take a step back and take it all in because there is just so much to choose from. And a bonus for me personally is that you can order a breakfast or breakfast sandwich any time of day - that's huge. Just about everything is made fresh and the place is so clean even my wife would approve. On to the burger... In this day-and-age of law suit paranoia forcing burger establishments to serve well done burgers you can imagine how ecstatic I was to hear the counter man utter the words: "how would like your burger cooked sir?" Wow... somebody pinch me. I was already on the right track with this place. When asked, the man at the counter was not sure of the type of beef, but assured me that the meat is fresh daily. The condiments were fresh and the Kaiser roll was too which surprised the hell out of me because the Kaiser roll is a diner and food eatery staple in NJ and their freshness is always unreliably hit-or-miss. Also, whenever an establishment says they serve their burgers on this very substantial roll, it almost always overshadows the burger - but when the roll is as cotton-fresh as the roll I received, it squishes down, conforming itself to that lump of cooked cow goodness below. Very nice. So here's the deal... I grabbed the burger for me and a turkey wrap and cheesy tortilla soup for my wife and drove home as fast as possible to sample the goods. My wife was very happy with her meal. I, for some reason unbeknownst to me, had a complete and utter brain-fart-supreme and ordered my burger medium instead of the usual medium/rare. Don't ask, I still have know idea where that came from... anyhoo... the burger was cooked perfectly to my order, but alas, its temperature was more to the  med/well side of the burger spectrum by the time I got it home, (which is why burgers will never be a "take-out" food).  I was very happily surprised with the flavor of the meat and the size of it was large enough to fight back the large Kaiser roll making the burger-to-bun ratio acceptable. As I said, the onion, pickle and lettuce were all fresh and crispy/crunchy so I'm calling it a successfully day. And check out the prices, talk about family friendly? My only suggestion would be to use 2 slices of cheese and offer customers a choice of hamburger bun along with the Kaiser roll... A potato roll would be key as it's very trendy at burger joints now and it would make Munchy's burger look even larger. And there's nothing wrong with customers thinking they're getting a really good bang for their buck. Before closing, I have to mention the breakfast sandwich I got a few days after having the burger... Whoa... !   Don't miss them... goodbye Bagel Stop, Hellooooo Munchy's... I'll never go anywhere else for a THE&C sandwich - in a word:  AWESOME! 
As for the staff and ownership of Munchy's, I hope your business thrives in Wayne... Well done. See you soon. This burger gets a 8.5/10

**NOTE**  I grabbed this menu page off the Internet simply to show you a sample of Munchy's goods - there are another 2 pages to their menu!!

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