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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zinburger, Clifton, NJ



Zinburger, Clifton, NJ

The Plain & Simple Burger & The Kobe Burger (or maybe not)


The Plain & Simple Burger:
"Certified Angus Beef" (approximately 6oz) Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo, Brioche Bun.

The Double: 
Double Patty, Double American Cheese, Minced onion, Lettuce & Mayo.

Zinburger falls into the same category many burger joints do, they have too young, too inexperienced people working for them who know little to nothing about the product they are serving.

Now sit down and get comfy, this is going to be a long one....

My wife ordered the Plain & Simple Burger which was served to her liking but didn't have enough burger flavor to give her enough reason to ever come back to Zin.

Now, on to my debacle... I inquired about the Double Burger because I'm a fat guy who likes burgers and the word "double" on a menu always gets me crazy so I asked about it. Our smiling waitress said it's two 4oz burgers that are thin and are served cooked well. Humph. I said, I don't do "well" so give me the Kobe Burger because I heard good things... I've been wanting to try it for a while but I really wasn't on board with the toppings... I liked the toppings of their double burger, so I very CLEARLY ordered the Kobe Burger with the toppings from the Double which are simply, American Cheese, Minced onion, Lettuce & Mayo. Simple, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong, this is how it went down: "I'll have the Kobe Burger with the toppings of the Double burger, is that okay?" Our smiling waitress answered in the affirmative and all was right with the world. I went on jib-jabbing with my wife and eating breaded fried zucchini while sipping my Cabernet. That's when it hit the fan. I was served the burger you see below and began to feast. At first I was unsure if this slab of meat was mutilated on the grill or if it was just some mal-formed burger that they tried to piece back together rather than waste it, but I eventually realized it was two separate pieces of meat that were cooked quite well. Then, after my second bite, it hit me... somebody screwed up the order and I was eating the Double burger instead of the Kobe. Damn. Damn, Damn, Damn. So being the good hearted slob that I am, I let it go. I ate my burger and tried to enjoy it for what it was thinking I'd just let our server know the mistake when the check came because I'm not the type to send food back. Let's pause here to check out some photos below... don't they make the burger look good and yummy? We'll get to the that in a minute. And the ketchup... who the hell puts ketchup on a burger without announcing it on the menu????? I'm a NFK guy so this was a bit devastating for me. First, I have the wrong order, now it's got K on it. Really? And btw, their idea of a double burger is to take a regular sized burger, cut it in half and stack it. Really Zin People? So now I'm eating this pseudo double burger with ketchup I didn't expect (or ask for) while thinking I should be eating a damn Kobe beef burger. My wife saw me smoldering and immediately started to try to calm me down. I have to admit, I was cool about it... I waited till our server came back and asked her if the Kobe burger was always served as a double. She immediately went into survival bullshitting mode and said she was going to ask the chef. (Yeah honey, you go ask that high school junior what he did). She came back and said, "nope, that's the Kobe alright, we cut them in half because the fat content is so high we cook them well and stack them". Reaaaaally. (what the hell that meant, I have no idea) I still kept my cool, but saw that my wife was now fuming across the table. Here she was thinking I'm the guy that was going to be nasty and now that she's being lied to her face by a high school cheerleader, she's foaming at the mouth and asking for a manager. (God I love that woman). So now the more mature (19yr old) manager comes out and my wife begins to stutter because at this point she's ready to stick a fork in this girls eye and tells her what happened, ending with: "keep the extra money we never need to come back here again". Now keep in mind, I'm watching this whole thing go down from across the table thinking, this poor chick is dead meat, once she's on my wife's wrong side she'll be wishing she was never born. This petite little manager girl sees so much fury in my wife's eyes that she can't enunciate a single syllable and just walks away. Now we are left wondering what the hell is going on. Finally, our original cheerleader comes back and says they took off the extra money for the Kobe up charge. So even though they compensated a little and all should be right with the world once again, it was too late, the entire experience was already in the toilet. And the meat? Not sure what all the press is about. I just read an article that Zinburger is the "sweet sixteen" of the up and coming burger chains and will give the "big boys" a run for their money. I say, "Oh, Nay Nay". This joint won't come near the big boys. Zinburger definitely spends more time and effort on being trendy than serving good burgers. How you get an 80/20 burger swimming in grease is beyond me. Too greasy and not nearly enough burger flavor. (and it's VERY hard to get me to say a burger is too greasy) And don't let the pics fool you kiddies, although the bun was awesome, the burger is exactly what I described. Def lacked seasoning and flavor.... For me, I have to factor in the expectation I had from all the hype, both in written press and online, So I'll have to give this an EPIC CRAP FAIL for lack of flavor 5/10. I really wish this had been a review of the Kobe Burger... After all these fancy surroundings and big talk, a hot fresh Wendy's Double Baconator beats them hands down any day.... Just goes to show you how the liberal media can sway your thinking - (If you let them).

PS... At the time of this review, Zinburger's web site offers no "contact us" or nutritional information... hmmmmm.

See the tiny little double in that big bun?

Seriously, who cuts a burger in half, stacks it, and then calls it a double burger???


  1. I thought B Flay was better than zin.

  2. I just got back from Zin and really thought I liked my burger. Then I read Bill's review and I kept saying to myself "Yeah that's right".."Yeah that's right". My biggest complaint was the burger was too greasy that the bun could not stand up to it. Well, lesson learned...don't go to a new burger joint until you have read Bill's Blog!


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