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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kirker's Inn, Hawthorne, NJ

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Where: Kirker's Inn, Hawthorne, NJ
What: The Vienna Burger  &  The Turkey Red Reuben plus some other goodies...
Build: The Vienna Burger:  1/2lb. Burger on Toasted Pretzel Brioche Roll topped with Swiss cheese and Crispy Bacon served with warm Potato Salad
Turkey Red Reuben: Black peppered Smoked Turkey piled on grilled Rye with Red Cabbage, Russian Dressing and melted Swiss cheese.
Comment: I've been dying for good German food ever since the Triangle Hofbraü closed.

The Triangle Hofbraü in Pequannock, NJ closed in November of 2007

The Hofbraü was my go-to place for all foods German. In fact, I found Kirker's one night out of sheer desperation and Wiener Schnitzel deprivation. Kirker's is a family owned bar/restaurant that is as welcoming as it is quaint. Seriously, this place is comfort food central, and at the risk of sounding corny, I love eating here while it's snowing outside. You can order anything from authentic German food to a bar pizza and you'll be satisfied with just about everything. The short list of foods below offers a sample of goodies, but I am partial to the Vienna Burger.... my son did not enjoy the burger as much as I did, but I could not find a thing wrong with it. Fresh made 1/2lb. burger with ample amounts of cheese and bacon and that roll.... holy sh*t, that pretzel roll was not only fresh, it was the perfect compliment to the  rest of the flavors. I'm giving this beauty a 10/10. Next time I'll be trying either the Kirker Burger or the Old English Burger...  check em' out here:

The Turkey Red Reuben was another incredible sandwich which you need to taste to appreciate because any description I write would not cover the delicious original flavor pairings Kirkers has managed with this sandwich. A case of simple ingredients paired in a way you've never tried. Delicious.10/10 

I cannot comment on the chicken sandwich because I did not try it, however my daughter-in-law did say that it was very tasty even though the meat was a bit dry. 

While eating the potato dumpling smothered in Sauerbraten gravy I heard angels singing... yeah, it's that good. 10/10.

And finally, the onion rings......excuse me, the HAND-BREADED with HOME-MADE BATTER onion rings that tasted like a perfect merger of beer batter and funnel cake batter. I didn't know whether to salt them or sprinkle powdered sugar on them. Did I mention they are made-to-order?  Awesome -absolutely Awesome - the very best onion rings I have ever tasted.  10/10.

The Vienna Burger..... 
These two photos are the only decent shots I took of this beauty because my son "housed" the burger before I could get anymore.

That's warm potato salad on the side. 

The Turkey Red Reuben...

Herb Chicken Sandwich
Marinated in E.V.O.O and herbs then grilled and topped with bacon and swiss on a toasted roll. 


Potato Dumpling with Sauerbraten gravy.
 Dumplings come and dumplings go - this thing was awesome...

Beer battered onion rings
Made To Order, Beer Battered and fried to a golden brown, these babies tasted like a cross between beer batter and funnel cake... they were amazing and were worth the trip by themselves.

This was a Schnitzel, which one, I cannot remember, but it was such a good comfort food, I was wishing it was snowing outside...

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