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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Farm Stand, Closter, NJ

Where: The Farm Stand, 100 Old Hook Road, Closter, NJ
What: The Farm Burger
Build: 8oz Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, raw onion, dab of mustard, fresh egg roll. 
Comment: Can you say "JUICY"?  Holy crap I could have used a full length apron while eating this burger! But I'm getting ahead of myself, check out my photos of one of the coolest burger joints in Jersey. If this place was in Kansas, Auntie Em would shop here. I landed here via a tip from a coworker who lives near the place. From far away this place looks abandoned, but to my surprise it's not only an active farm stand, they are cooking all sorts of homemade comfort foods inside. As we pulled up to the place the skies darkened adding an eerie sort of feel which made things even more interesting and by the time we passed by the outdoor seating (full of little pumpkins and cast iron pot-belly stoves), I knew we were in for some really good food.  Our Hostess Michele could not have been nicer which made the whole experience even better. Upon entering, you are surrounded by homemade pies, jams, tomato sauce, honey, cakes, cookies, mac & cheese, hot dogs w/sauerkraut, chili, steak sandwiches, pot pies, etc. The items list is stunning for such a small place.  There are a few country-style wooden kitchen tables for seating that take the down-home country feel you got walking through the door even further.  We promptly ordered our burgers and off Michele went.  The delivery came soon after and it had us all staring open-mouthed, marveling at these burgers. The tomato and lettuce was fresh from the garden and the roll appeared to be fresh baked. When I finally picked it up I was floored at the weight of it, it was a healthy 1/2 pound after cooking! And all burgers were a perfect med/rare when delivered. The flavor of this coarse ground loosely packed patty was amazing and juice flowed endlessly until the very last bite. My black cherry soda complimented my meal perfectly and I left with a smile that lasted hours. This is hands-down a solid 10/10 burger. If you want the full experience get to the Farm Stand in Bergen County, but remember they are only open Wed-Sun from 11am to 5pm. I'm taking home bags of their fresh made goodies next time. (I've got my eye on the homemade chicken pot pie!) Can't wait to get back there...   

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