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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Castle is Missing from Disneyworld? White Castle.

Where: White Castle, Nanuet, NY
What: 2 Double Cheese Burgers, 4 White Castles (plain hamburgers) 
Build: White Castle patties, reconstituted diced onion, dill pickle slices, ridiculously fresh steamed buns, American cheese.

Comments: This marks my 174th review and I'm finding it hard to believe it has taken me so long to comment on White Castle, home of my very first hamburger. Let me be clear – I am not reviewing White Castle, but merely commenting on its greatness. Far be it for me to possess the audacity and ego to think I am worthy of criticizing the one and only hamburger legend. And White Castle truly is a legend. Not only did this burger joint invent the concept of fast food, they also saved the meat industry from years of horrible “unsanitary” press, by marketing their spotlessly clean facilities. They portrayed purity as well as cleanliness, hence the name White Castle, and so the meat industry along with the burger market would never be the same – kudos to one of the most important meat industry innovations of all time. 

There is not all that much that needs to be said about White Castle burgers, other than if you've never had them, you NEED to try them. And for all of you who do not have a WC in your area, please do not judge them by their frozen burgers – they suck.

I'd also like to mention WC's breakfast sandwiches. WC is the only fast food establishment I know of that actually cracks and cooks fresh eggs! And while in Indiana, my visit to WC for breakfast yielded a bologna, egg and cheese sandwich. Holy Sh*t was it good. 

A personal recommendation: order the Double Cheeseburger. The flavor and texture are in a class by themselves. In fact, the best word I could think of to describe this tasty nugget is "creamy.” You may think that's strange, but trust me, it will make sense the instant you bite into one. I order my WC burgers with extra onion and pickle, and for the record, this is the only burger in the world that I enjoy ketchup on. ‘Nuff said. 10/10 hands down.

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  1. So this is basically my first stop when I come back to NJ. Unless I get my nephew Anthony and Bill first so we can go together. Any questions?


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