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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Steve's Burgers, Garfield, NJ

Where: Steve's Burgers, Garfield, NJ

What: Cheeseburger

Build: Fresh beef patty, raw onion, pickle, American cheese, hamburger bun.

Comment: Since my review of Steve's Burgers in December of 2012, ( 
I can say with full confidence that the place is still every bit as good as it was on my first visit. From the awesome fresh burgers to the crispy fries, to the fantastic hospitality, Steve's is an all-around great American burger joint. And Steve's sons, Steve Jr. and Robert could not be nicer, or better at what they do. 
Halfway through our meal, Steve Jr. brought us out a sample of his ridiculously tender corned beef and a few deep fried Oreos. Everything was quite amazing (and I'm a sucker for homemade coleslaw)... Awesome, just awesome.
As you walk into Steve's, the mere smell of the place will knock down any dietary defenses you may be harboring. The sheer weight of these burgers coupled with the fact that you can't pick them up without dripping juices everywhere makes you very happy that you stopped in. I was very glad to see that the quality has not changed. The only thing I thought was odd, was that the burger did not have cheese above and below this time, a detail that so impressed me on my maiden visit that I made a point of mentioning it in my first review. I'm hoping it was just an oversight, as the double cheese for me, was a key contributor to the greatness of the burgers. And as I said back in 2012, "the more I ate, the more I was thinking: "if Steve keeps this up, he'll be on a "best of" burger show very soon - move over White Manna and the like, Steve's is cooking some of the tastiest burgers in North Jersey."
Occasionally, I speak to Hamburger Legend (and all around regular guy), George Motz via email and I've mentioned that he needs to get to Steve's one of these days because he doesn't know what he's missing, so if he ever shows up, I'm hoping I had something to do with it. Oh, and another thing, one of these days I'm going to sneak a photo behind the illustrious "curtain" to show my readers where all the magic happens. Nuff said, I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. 
10/10 Awesome job guys - Can't wait to come back...

Who could possibly pass by a burger place that looks like this and not stop in?

Somebody needs a burger NOW!

Grape Plunge, a perfect compliment to any cheeseburger. 

My first review of Steve's back in 2012 hangs on the wall when you first walk in, (brings a tear to my eye).

Everybody's man, Robert....

Imagine how much business would increase with this sign posted outside...

Yeah, it's true... Keep scrolling down, you'll see them...

Just look at these options!

Impatient little man waiting for his burger...

Steve's corned beef melted in my mouth - incredible!

Deep fried Oreo's were not greasy at all.... awesome.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
Seriously, this is where all the magic happens...

Always sad to leave Steve's....
Don't worry buddy, we'll be back soon!

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