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Sunday, April 27, 2014

White Castle, Nanuet, NY

Where: White Castle, 136 New York 59, Nanuet, NY 10954

What: New Breakfast Sandwiches: Chicken & Waffles, BEC on Waffle, Sausage on Waffle.

Build: All of the above-mentioned ingredients (plus sausage gravy and bacon bits on the Chicken & Waffles).

Comments: Following a pleasant breakfast experience at "that taco place,” we were a little more than disappointed with the White Castle breakfast offerings. I've had their little known, little advertised (if any) breakfast sandwiches at various locations around the country. I've tried both the bacon and sausage, egg & cheese sandwiches (equally delicious), and I've even had the pleasure of eating the bologna, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich at a WC in Kentucky. 

This is a good time to mention that White Castle cracks fresh eggs on their flat top grill (to my knowledge, no other fast food establishment uses fresh eggs). This makes the place smell like breakfast, which you don't get with processed, microwaved eggs at the other places. And don't forget, these ingredients are being built on one of those world famous, addiction-forming buns. The buns come soft and steamy…the same as the burger buns, only now it's a piping hot egg sandwich with cheese melting everywhere you look. Ummm…can't tell you how awesome these little guys are. Yet most of you probably never knew they existed. 

So enter the breakfast sandwich wars brought on by the Taco Bell folks in an effort to try to put the squeeze on Mickey D's and others.

Side note: I'm here to tell you that after my positive review of the waffle taco at Taco Bell, I've yet to order one again that was even close to edible. But I digress, this is about the new White Castle sandwiches, and in an effort to keep it short (my son hates long winded reviews), the sandwiches all fall short of the mark. 

The chicken and waffles was (and is) a great concept, but the execution was an "Epic Crap Fail.” The waffles are soggy (never in all my attempts at ordering one of these have I gotten one that was crunchy or crispy), the chicken was tasty, but everything else about the sandwich was bland and nothing was memorable. The same can be said for any other ingredient we tried on the waffle. 

 White Castle needs to stick to their original breakfast sandwiches served on their original hamburger buns – they are nothing shy of awesome. If it ain't broke....

BTW.... I had no idea White Castle now offers a 100 burger Crave "Crate"..... hmmmmmm.

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