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Monday, November 16, 2015

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes - "The burger got better with every bite"...

Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes
Old Tappan, NJ (Store #248)
216 Old Tappan Rd, Ste. 1C, 
07675  Bi State Plaza

The Double Cheeseburger Mooyah Style (minus Tomato)

Double patty burger with pickles, onions, iceberg lettuce, and American cheese on a house baked white bread roll topped with Mooyah sauce.


I couldn't resist the temptation to try a burger at MooYah. I've been meaning to get there for a while because it seemed like a no-nonsense burger joint adamantly built to push out as many burgers as possible. Love it.

After I ordered my burger and small soda, I was given a number stand for my table and off I went. After snapping a few pics I noticed that the lead cook came around the counter with my burger and delivered it to me in person with a smile, and if I'm not mistaken, an air of pride.

I thanked him and as he turned away, I turned to my burger. That's when I heard the angels singing. This was the rare occasion when I didn't have to taste the burger to know it was special. As I raised it to my mouth, I smelled the crispy brown edges of the patties along with the rich smell of butter coming from under the toasted bun. After the first bite I thought, "Holy S**t!!" This is the first time since visiting Bucu Burgers in Paramus that I uttered those words without even realizing it. I was in a trance, a rendered animal fat trance.

The burger got better with every bite. It was spectacular; I was speechless. MooYah bakes their hamburger rolls every morning, and it shows – the freshness of the bun was amazing especially toasted with butter. Wow. The fat rendering from the meat was spot on, it reminded me very much of a cross between Shake Shack and Smashburger, (I’m leaning closer to SS). For me, MooYah is fairly strong competition for SS and the other top burger contenders. 

Our burgers were delivered blazing hot off the flat grill with a nice brown leather sear on them. The house-baked rolls were cotton-soft. Please be forewarned, holding the burger up to your mouth creates a waterfall of juices. 

Check out the photos and go try one out... you will not be disappointed. 

One con that haunts me is that somewhere around halfway through the burger, it lost a bit of it's meat flavor. Not sure how else to describe it, but overall, it was a darn good burger and I highly recommend ordering the Double Cheeseburger if you want to experience what I've just written about. 

The single patty burger on the other hand, is a larger patty than either of the 2 on the double and it made for a very good looking single burger. I'll definitely be sampling it the next time I visit. 

MooYah slides easily into home with a 9.5\10.

And a shout out goes to Jose the grill man! You're doing an awesome job there Popi!!!

*P.S. - The Mooyah sauce - I tasted a mustard base in their signature MooYah Sauce; it was very good though, not overpowering, and there is a definite 5-Guys vibe when you walk into Mooyah as their fries are displayed similarly in cardboard cases. I've never been a very big fan of fries, but my son said they were very good.

My Boss accompanied us at lunch and he ordered the vanilla shake which he rated above Shake Shack's. (It looked awesome).

I tried the hot dog (see photos) which may have been reviewable when it was hot, but it was served to me ice cold... major bummer. But this is a burger joint and I had no business ordering the hot dog. The menu photo is what sucked me in - kudos to Mooyah's photographer.

I'd love to see one of these franchises open in Wayne...   Either way, I'll be back soon.

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