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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Filling Station Burger Works

TFS Burger Works
45 South Route 9W
West Haverstraw, NY 10993

The Fill'r Up Burger

A 6-ounce (brisket, hanger steak and short rib blend), 100% free-range Black Angus beef topped with white American cheese, and fried Vidalia onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.
You'll also see samples of the Naked Fill'r Up, the Black Angus hot dog with kraut, and of course, a sampling of TFS's Belgian-style fries.


TFS gets an "A" for their decor and innovation. The way they carried the filling station decor all the way through to their condiment station is nothing shy of genius.
The place has all the look and feel of a service station, but the gas and oil smells have been replaced with the aroma of fresh beef searing on the flat top. It reminded me of walking on a Jersey shore boardwalk where the smell of sausage, peppers, and onions frying is intoxicating. Only this was beef, a crazy-good blend of beef being fried alongside onions...

My son ordered the Naked Burger with cheddar, lettuce, and raw onion, and I ordered a hot dog for the table to try after my Fill'r Up burger and fries. 
The wait staff could not have been nicer, and it was very nice to have been asked, "How do you like your burger cooked?"

But alas – although my order was for a medium-rare burger, I was served a well-done, almost burnt-crusted burger. Miraculously, the burger was not that dry and still had a very nice flavor, which made me think I would have given this burger a 10/10 on my rating scale if it were the least bit pink inside. With that said, this won't keep me away; I need to get back and give that burger blend (and the cook) one more chance. Despite the incorrect doneness, TFS burger gets an 8.5/10 on the BC rating scale.
(My criteria for rating burgers is located at the bottom of my homepage)

The hot dog was "just okay" with what tasted like an attempt at German-style sauerkraut – also "just okay.”

The Belgian-style fries were very, very good, and that's coming from a guy who usually shies away from potatoes...

Very friendly service...

Coolest condiment rack ever...

The Naked Fill'r Up burger - dat's wit cheddar, iceberg lettuce & raw onion, hold the bun...

Belgium-Style fries
 I've no idea what Belgium-style means because I'm not a huge fan of fries, but these were fresh cut, not frozen, and they were awesome - crispy to the very last one...

My Fill'r Up Burger with American cheese and fried Vidalia onions on a toasted sesame seed bun...

The latest in condiment storage... very cool...

Al Fresco dinning? Just open the garage door...

The black angus hot dog... 

Ordered it medium rare, I was served a well done burger... (Major Bummer)


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  2. Saw Arrival at Palisades Center and then drove around Nyack and then headed up 9W to Haverstraw and to TFS. Their bathroom had just burst a pipe and water was spreading throughout the place. It was cool and breezy and they had one of the garage doors partially open to let water out. It was cold in there and I was glad I had my waterproof boots on. Ate anyway, in a dry corner. Had a Bacon cheeseburger, fries and a Root Beer. Was very good. Burger was a little past Med but still very good. Thanks for recommending this place. I will go back next time I am over that way.


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