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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Kimchi Smoke Barbecue
301 Center Ave, Westwood, NJ 0767
(201) 497-6333

Chonut 2.1 (100% Ridiculousness)
Smoked Brisket, Smoked Kimchi, Fatboy BCS (Bourbon Chipotle Sauce), Cheese, Bacon, and Scallions on a glazed DONUT! (Fridays and Saturdays)

K Town Dog
2 Beef Hot Dogs topped with Fatboy BCS, Smoked Kimchi Chili, Cheese and Scallions on 2 Rolls.


The Chonut 2.1 can best be described as Generation Z's South Korean version of the Luther Burger (Google it); talk about food-culture fusion.

I was first introduced to the stark contrast of sweet and savory about 15 years ago when I heard of a burger that defied all common sense. Salty, savory grilled hamburger meat on a collision course with a fresh baked sugary donut - it was nothing shy of palatal suicide.

Who would dare subject their taste buds to coordinate flavors from opposite sides of the flavor spectrum simultaneously? None other than legendary singer-songwriter, Luther Vandross, that's who. Although there are varied opinions on the origin of the donut-burger combination, the Luther burger was the first name I heard put to this sandwich over 10 years ago, so I'm sticking with it.

Piquancy meet Nectarous, 

Decadence meet Gratifying. 

For those of you who respond to the thought of the "meat and sweet meet" combination with a scrunched up face and an exclamation of "eeew", I'm here to tell you, it works. In fact, it works so well that you'll find yourself addicted almost instantly.

Back to Kimchi Smoke and what owner\operater\chef, Robert Cho is doing with Southern Korean Barbecue. Chef Cho opened up the Luther burger concept to a whole new dimension by single handedly creating one of the most addictive sandwiches I've ever eaten. His kimchi (lightly smoked fermented cabbage), on top of his fork-cut tender smoked brisket is nothing shy of outstanding. This sandwich had my mouth reeling with flavors which contrast and blend all in the same bite.  With each bite, the sauce, bacon, cheese and scallions took turns coming to the surface. It was exciting wondering what flavor I'd bite into next. 

Back to the Cho -
As for the K Town Dog, be prepared for some of the same great flavors as the Chonut 2.1. These dogs (yes that's plural) are topped with the same toppings as the Chonut, minus bacon, which makes them stupid-good stellar dogs. I can't wait to get back to  Kimchi Smoke, thanks very much Chef Cho.

And a special thanks to Steve Spencer, owner, operator and Pitmaster of Smokin' Yankee Barbecue based out of North Jersey. Steve accompanied me for lunch this day, and he's glad he did. 
BTW, Steve's smoked meats are the real deal, so if you're having a party, small or large, give him a call.

Check out Smokin' Yankee BBQ here:  
and here:

The Chonut 2.1 gets a 10\10 + on the BC rating scale. 

Friendly service

The line move fast...

The rub on Cho's brisket is magical...

Pitmaster Steve's love of smoked meats and his commitment to his craft are second to none. Needless to say, he and Chef Cho had lots to talk about...

The K Town dogs are as good as they look...

- Dream Team -
Pitmaster Steve Spencer and Chef Robert Cho
(would love to see an "East meets West" collaboration)

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