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Friday, February 16, 2018


850 NJ-3 #105
Clifton, NJ 07012

The Double Burger

Two 3.5 oz. patties, double American cheese, minced onion, lettuce, ketchup, and mayo

This is not my first review of Zinburger, but it's certainly my last. This was the third visit and for me, and for varying reasons, these burgers consistently miss the high note. I'm not saying they don't have potential, they do, but they just keep falling short of retaining anything noteworthy in my memory.

For instance, I ordered The Double Burger because I'm a chubby guy that loves a good burger and I was hungry (borderline hangry), so I ordered The Double and the "loaded fries" appy to share with my wife.

The first thing I noticed when the burger arrived was size of the patties (3.5 ounces of beef before cooking). These small patties do not hold up well against a large, spongy brioche-ish bun. Obviously, the burger-to-bun ratio was heavily in favor of the bun. With that said, the burger did have a great flavor, but there wasn't enough of it to enjoy in any one bite. I kept thinking, $10.50 for a burger with two 3.5 ounce patties should be outstanding in all aspects. I could've had 2 burgers at a quality fast-casual burger restaurant for just a bit more money and they'd be satisfying as well as a better value for my money.

The fries were stunning to look at, but stone cold to eat. We were so disappointed. Believe me when I tell you, they were colder than the other side of the pillow. Served hot, they would have been killer.

On the plus side, I could've eaten my side of wasabi coleslaw all day long – it was "drop-the-mic" awesome.

I'm not sure why burger establishments feel the need to offer a "Kobe" beef burger. Why can't restaurants offering a Kobe burger be more up front about what the offering actually is? It's an "American Style" Kobe beef burger at Zin, so why bother with the whole Kobe facade? Why not just menu a better grade of beef or a special blend rather than the standard burger and advertise it as such? 
It's disheartening to think the people at Zinburger assume that their patrons are impressed by the use of the word Kobe on their menu when it's not that easy to find a restaurant serving real Kobe beef.

One more note about Zinburger - I'm not here to bash anyone or any establishment. If anything, I have to give them major props because much like Starbucks who figured out a way to get people to pay upwards of $5 for a cup of coffee, the folks at Zinburger have figured out a way to get their patrons to pay $10 to $15 for a burger. Again, I have to give them credit since most reviews are positive. Zin is just not my Zen.

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This burger receives a 5.8 / 10 on the BC rating scale.
Criteria & ratings for Zinburger's "The Double":
Meat flavor 8
Juiciness 6
Size 4
Freshness 7
Burger-to-bun ratio 3
Bun type 5
Overall taste with selected condiments 5
Eatibility 10
Temperature 4

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  1. Their burgers are OK. Their prices are a tad too high. But they serve booze. So that is a plus.


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