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Monday, January 14, 2013

Versailles Diner, Fairfield, NJ

Versailles Restaurant Diner on Urbanspoon
Where: Versailles Diner, Fairfield, NJ
What: Traffic Jam Burger
Build: 1/2 lb. Angus Burger, 2 thick slices Taylor ham (pork roll for you out-of-staters), 2 slices cheddar cheese, grilled rye bread.
Comment: I did it again... I went to a New Jersey diner with high hopes of finding a fresh ground burger. I just can't help myself, it was between breakfast and lunch and I promised myself I'd get an omelet or some other breakfast meal, but it just never works out that way - I also promised myself  I'd just glance at the burger section - yeah, right - that was all it took. What can I say? When it comes to burgers, I'm easy, I admit it. I saw "The Traffic Jam Burger" and promptly ordered it on butter-grilled rye bread. I was fantasizing about the mushrooms being sauteed in beef drippings and steak spices topped with the cheddar and Taylor ham - that's not what I got - in fact, I was dealt a totally different hand. The mushrooms were the other side of the flavor spectrum from savory steak flavored goodness. I'm not saying it was a bad thing - just different. Like when you're about to take a big gulp of cold water cause you're thirsty as hell and you realize someone poured you a 7UP. Your brain momentarily crashes from trying to deal with the spontaneous shift in flavors. But I'm proud to say my rebound was quick and I didn't let anyone know I was reeling from the change. The mushrooms were pickled - yes, pickled, like from a can or a jar and white, like one of those ocean creatures that never sees daylight and is completely devoid of color (thinking of that began to nauseate me but once again, I recovered quickly).  Now had the menu said the mushrooms were marinated I would've been fine with it; hell I would've been ecstatic with anticipation but something about this culinary curveball jilted me. In any event, the flavors worked pretty well together, better than I ever expected in fact, and even though I'm not a big French fry guy, they were also very good - so was the coleslaw which contained celery seed and a touch of mustard. The burger itself was okay, ample size and juicy with a light char and the cheddar cheese was top and bottom, (cheese fore and aft goes a long way with me). As with many good burgers I have no idea where this one gets it's interesting name, but it was a decent burger for a cold January day and gets a "good" rating 8/10.

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