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Friday, January 11, 2013

Bobby's Burger Palace, Paramus, NJ

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Where: Bobby's Burger Palace, Paramus, NJ
What: Santa Fe Burger
Build: Queso sauce, pickled jalapenos, blue corn chips, sesame seed bun.
Comment: I find it funny that for some reason I still can't find the size or nutritional info anywhere for these burgers. But being my third time back to Bobby's I'm convinced it's no more than a 6oz burger.  What's also funny is one persons account of Bobby's Burger Palace which I came across on  -  This is what it read:  "The Fifty's called, they want their portion sizes back".  I chuckled out loud. Diana from Philly hit the proverbial nail on the head, the portion size is kinda light at Bobby's, which remains to be my only gripe. But it's a big gripe. As with any eatery (keeping in mind varying levels of quality), Portion Size + Cost = Value.  Bobby's Burger Palace (or as Mr. Flay refers to it in his video -"BBP"), has still got a problem with value. But the joint is packed everyday for lunch at the Paramus location and I'm sure it's very busy at other locations as well.  So will Bobby's executive board be addressing the value issue any time soon? Hell no. It's because of what they see - revenue. I hope they realize what they don't see - good folks who are fellow burger worshipers on a very limited income and consequently forced to steer clear of spending the better part of a twenty for lunch. At one time I carried three dollars in my pocket every day when I went to work, "just in case of an emergency" so yes, I sympathize with the many families who think eight bucks for a burger is a lot of money, because it is. Perhaps it's because I'm born and raised in Jersey and I'm used to diners where you are automatically served fries with any burger that's over five bucks. Maybe that's the answer for Bobby's - just throw your patrons a few bones in the form of french fries, it would be kinda like saying: "I'm sorry the burgers cost so much, I hope a few French fries on the side make it all better". They most likely would. 
Nuff said. 
As far as the burgers go, they are great. Very fresh meat served with a good variety of toppings which are also crazy fresh. It's an absolute pleasure to receive a burger that's actually cooked the way you like it. And be sure to crunchify, always crunchify.  I stepped out of my norm and ordered the Santa Fe burger and it was great, the pickled jalapenos had just the right amount of heat and crunchifying with those thin potato chips made it an even better burger, (although the taste of the blue corn chips was a bit lost after crunchifying). One last mention; the sauces that are available at each table - yellow mustard, jalapeno hot sauce, ketchup, chipotle ketchup, and hamburger sauce. They are all great - however, the hamburger sauce has a funky taste. Try it. If you can figure out the ingredients please let me know.  We concluded that there might be some type of mustard mixed with steak sauce in it... (?)
Dear Bobby,
I'm not one who gets off on bashing burger joints - on the contrary, I do all I can for businesses in today's economic environment so don't think I'm out to get you. I've always been a fan, always will be, and I can understand all the crazy stuff you read in the form of reviews, "my soda had too much ice", "where's the vegan menu?", "the chairs are too hard", just to name a few.  It's just that I see so many burger joints that come so close to hitting the high note only to be held back by some quirky little something or other. In your case, boosting the value with a supplement of fries or a slightly larger burger for the price would make this a perfect burger experience for all - 9.5/10

Bill's Tip: Temperatures served run slightly pinker than requested.

Bobby's - Paramus, NJ 

Great Sauces

Happy Waitress - Julissa

Bobby's website glamour shot of the Santa Fe burger

My "real" shot of the Santa Fe - this was ordered Medium - 
It would be considered Med/Rare at most other burger joints.

the mystery burger sauce - go ahead, try it, I dare ya.... (yuk)

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  1. Flay uses a 1/3lb burger. Steak grind (fine). He switches between Burger Maker and Plymouth Beef. Either way the burgers come pre-pattied... Decent quality non memorable.


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