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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Steaks Unlimited, Seaside Heights, NJ

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Where: Seaside Heights, NJ
What: Cheese Steak Sandwich & the Cheeseburger
Build: CHEESE STEAK: Steak, white American cheese, grilled onions, bell peppers & mushrooms, "Apizza" bread.
CHEESEBURGER: 1/2lb patty, white American cheese, raw onion, Kaiser roll.
Comment: The cheese steak is served on a unique bread known as "Apizza" bread or sometimes more commonly as "pizza bread". It is round and fairly flat and anywhere from 10 to 12 inches across with a hole in the middle. And unlike traditional Italian breads, it is soft. I personally haven't had a cheese steak on this type of bread in a long, long time. I was very glad I stopped at Steaks Unlimited. It's a great tasting sandwich and the simplicity of its ingredients are truly its strength. The steak is cooked on the flat grill (but not over-cooked) and the toppings are served piping hot and stuffed into the 1/2 loaf of Apizza bread. I quartered mine to share with a friend because I just had to try their cheeseburger also. Scroll down to the cheese steak photos and be sure to click to enlarge them (you'll almost taste them). The photos below the cheese steak are of the burger. The meat was fresh (never frozen) and it was very tasty with a good old-fashioned burger flavor although there were two downers for me;  1)the burgers doneness and 2)the burger-to-bun ratio. My burger came well-done, which is a shame given the nice fresh meat they started with. I'm speaking for all the grease freaks out there when I say, that's a huge no-no. As for the burger-to-bun ratio, it was so far off the charts it was in the upper stratosphere - just check out the photos below. Again, good burger, crazy huge roll. (IMHO), I'd rather have a standard hamburger bun or better yet, a potato bun with the meat hanging off around the edges than have too much bread. There's something to be said about properly emphasizing the size of your meat - I'm just sayin'. Overall, I have to give this cheese steak a 10/10 because I just don't have any complaints about it. My burger rating was largely based on meat flavor so I put it on the high side of "good" with an 8/10. (check my rating chart at the bottom of this page). If they'd cut down on the bun's real estate and serve a med/rare temperature burger they'd be on their way to a 10/10 in my book.  Last but not least, a review of Steaks Unlimited would not be complete without a tasting of their signature "cheese balls". We were on our way out chatting with the staff and they were nice enough to make us some samples. They consist of Cheddar cheese encrusted in a delicious coating. (I prefer my cheese more creamy than chewy, but hey, that's me). Try them for yourself and see - there's a reason they sell tons of them. 
I'm giving a shout-out to Chris and Elaine for their warm hospitality. Molte grazie. 
I hope to be back soon!

Yo! Chris and Elaine!

I told you! Roll too big and meat too done, but still tasty none the less. 
(I scooped the bread out of the top of the roll after taking this pic)

Cheese Balls!

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