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Sunday, April 14, 2013

White Rose System, Roselle, NJ

White Rose System on Urbanspoon
Where: White Rose System, Roselle, NJ
What: The Double Double 
Builds: Double Cheeseburger, raw white onion, pickle slices, Kaiser roll.
Comment:  I've been to both the WRS in Linden and the WRS in Highland Park, NJ and now, finally, being here at the WRS in Roselle marked the end of my quest to conquer the WRS Trifecta. For the life of me I can't see how Guy Fieri gives so much praise to the White Manna in Hackensack and not the awesome old fashioned trio of White Rose System diners. All have unique flavors and all are an absolute treat for any burger lover. BTW, (and IMHO), the White Manna in Jersey City is much much better than the Hackensack location but neither can hold a candle to the flavors of any of the White Rose System Locations.  The Roselle location had unique burger sizes - when I asked: "what's the best burger to order", our server told me they have 4 sizes. There was a bit of a communication gap but this was what I took away from our conversation:
the small = 2oz
the medium = 3oz
the large = 4oz
and the Double Double = 8oz
Of course, I ordered the Double Double with my usual raw onion and pickle slices. It was magical... As soon as I picked it up I had to put it back down because it was too hot to handle. I grabbed it again, thinking, "you're not scarin' me!" held it firmly took a bite and was instantly scalded when the hot grease and juices ran down my hand and arm. AWESOME! Cheeese was oozing everywhere.

My son tells me I'm getting to "wordy" with my reviews so I'm going to wind this one down here because he may be correct, this is about the burgers, not me rambling on and on.

Please be sure to check the photos... you NEED to get to a WRS - and check the other 2 locations I've previously reviewed (I've listed them below for you). I believe all White Rose Systems have equally great burgers in there own way. Me, I'm partial to the Highland Park location where they smash diced onion right into the ground meat. But this location has an awesome old fashioned smashed flat-grill burger and when in the area, should not be driven past. Perhaps one day the media blitz will shy away from the now glamorous White Manna and get back into helping the great Ma & Pa joints of New Jersey that are so often missed, yet so very deserving.  Solid 10/10 for WRS, Roselle.

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