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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jake's Wayback Burgers, Little Ferry, NJ

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Where: Jake's Wayback Burgers, Little Ferry, NJ
What: The Cheeesy Burger 
Builds: Grilled Buttered Bun, 4 Slices American Cheese, 2 - 3.3oz patties, diced white onion, lettuce, dill pickle slices.
Comment: I was first introduced to Jake's when in Delaware, MD after taking a good friend (and NASCAR freak) to a "Ride & Drive" at Dover Speedway. I was scouting out burger joints to hit on our way home when I came across Jake's on the Internet. The next weekend we were off to Dover, but honestly, after reading up on Jake's burgers, I couldn't wait to be heading back home to try one. I also had another joint slated to stop at that was very close to Jake's called "The Dog House" where they split the dogs and grill the flat sides on a griddle until they start to brown. Very Good! I was very surprised to read that a lot of reviews for The Dog House were not so good - after reading some more, I realized that most all of the bad reviews were for foods other than their hot dogs. Who goes to a hot dog joint and orders a cheese steak or a burger? You just don't do that. But I digress, this is about Jake's burgers - (and awesome ones at that). I stopped at Jake's with my daughter and grandson and we promptly ordered. The staff could not have been nicer and after paying, we proceeded to our table. I like the fact that they deliver the food to you without the use of an obtrusive 2ft number sign at your table. Just looking at these beauties as they arrived was enough to get my salivary glands gushing. They were so hot and fresh the cheese hadn't melted completely yet. I stared at them and let out a "holy sh*t" under my breath. My daughter laughed and agreed. By the time I took some photos my hands were shaking from smelling the delicious aroma. Finally, one bite proved the flavor matched the aroma, which matched the appearance. This was truly an awesome burger. Juicy, not overdone, very tasty, just all the things you look for in a burger. I immediately thought, this is better than 5 Guys, and better than Bucu Burgers which are 2 of my burger cornerstones for Northern NJ. This burger was so good that I'd put it in the same league as Steve's Burgers in Garfield... that's how tasty they are. This place is truly Little Ferry's best kept secret. Check out the photos of the Cheeesy Burger I ate. I watched as Jake's burger chef buttered my hamburger bun and placed it on the flat grill until it was golden and buttery. He then stacked the burgers, weaving 4 slices of cheese in between the patties. Both sides of the bun are constructed inside out - this is to say, the cut side that has been buttered and grilled faces out, making the burger look a bit like a round grilled cheese sandwich. (You with me?) I had mine topped with my standard (and what I consider "old fashioned" toppings),  diced raw onion (white onions of course, none of that bitter hybrid red onion crap) and dill pickle slices with a piece of fresh lettuce - that's it. And of course, NK. The onion compliments the burger flavors perfectly and the tartness of the dill pickle opposes the butter and cheese for a perfect conflict in flavors that definitely compliments the sandwich as a whole. Good - really good burger, in fact, I can't find anything wrong with it so it's getting a 10/10. (I can't wait to get back). And lastly, for what it's worth, my advice to Jake's:
let me start by saying: I am not a french fry guy at all, and if my daughter didn't order them, I would never had tried them.
Lots of folks are driven to burger joints because of the fries. (I find it's women more than men for some reason.) So, if you and your spouse are ever indecisive and flip-flopping on where to eat, having really good french fries to go with your really good burger will be the deciding factor every time. 
Here comes the advice - if you're going to compete in this fiercely competitive market, you need to up the ante and get some fresh cut fries in the deep fryer. Your current fries are fair to poor at best. I'm just sayin'...

Autopsy shot of the Cheeesy Burger stacked for the photo.....

The Jake's Double... impressive.... 

Unfortunately, the fries were all show and no go.... 

It's the cheese steak kid from my homepage!

A fun time was had by all...

 The youngest flirt I've ever seen! 

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