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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good Food and Good Memories Still Served Up at Maggie's Town Tavern in Little Falls, NJ...

Maggie's Town Tavern, 10 Van Ness Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424
(973) 256-7708

The Town Burger

Half pound old fashioned "chop style" burger patty (?) served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese and Taylor ham.
This burger had the potential to blow my doors off, but alas, is fell short. As with most restaurants, finding consistency in food quality, presentation and service is never easy.

Just a little more care in preparing this burger and it would have rated a 10/10. The meat was very fresh but it was a bit bland - it tasted like there were no seasonings added to the meat at all.  A little salt and pepper added before cooking goes a long way when I'm cooking, just sayin'.

Also, a pet peeve of mine - red onion. I don't like them - so when I read the description of the "Legendary" half pound burgers, I was very happy to see the printed words, "white onion".  I thought, "wow these people know a burger is better with a nice thick slice of a sweet Vidalia".  Love it. 
On the lighter side, my roll and toppings were all very fresh and tasty. They could have and should have served this burger with 4 slices of Taylor ham instead of two which would really make this a stand-out burger, but now I'm really asking for too much. 
And this is not a dig on Maggie's, but what's with the green leafy lettuce replacing good old crunchy iceberg lettuce? They say Iceberg lettuce doesn't have all the nutrients that the leafy stuff does, so what? It's ten times better on any sandwich - and it's cheaper! The majority of people paying for meals nowadays grew up on Iceberg lettuce - give it to us!
Overall a good meal, I'll def be back. This beauty gets a 9/10. (yeah, I went off on the onion, but it was only an onion and the tables salt and pepper shakers helped the burger meat).
Lastly, I have no idea what an old fashioned "chop style" burger patty is.

But no - no, no, no white onion, my burger was served with red onion. Now I ask you, why in the hell would you go out of your way to print on your menu, "WHITE ONION" when you could have just advertised "ONION"? My guess would be you're pretty serious about insisting on serving your "legendary burgers" with white onion - for whatever reason.  No matter how small an issue this is, the point is that I was told I was being sold one thing, but I was served another. It's ten minutes to three in the morning, I'm too upset to go on with this onion rant. 

My friend's crabcakes - she said they were good.

My wife's tenderloin - not so good. It was basically pot roast and she asked for a baked potato. 

Definitely a cozy joint...

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