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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spray Beach Bagel and Deli

Spray Beach Bagel and Deli 2611 Long Beach Blvd Beach Haven, New Jersey
(609) 492-6800

The Cheese Steak Bagel 
Grilled Rib Eye Steak, sauteed onions, American cheese, Swiss bagel. NFK.
What can I say, awesome, awesome, awesome. 
It's not easy to find a cheese steak sandwich that's not disappointing in some way. That's why I am always a bit apprehensive about ordering one, especially in a resort area (Long Beach Island) where the majority of the businesses are seasonal and as a result it's usually hard to find really good food. (Let's face it, when most of us are on vacation, we seldom count our change, that's why we are on vacation in the first place, to enjoy a different atmosphere and spend and enjoy). 

Having said that, we sometimes encounter food establishments that are geared to serve mediocre food, charge a premium, then say: "thank you, we'll see you next year" as they are patting you on the ass and ushering you out the door.

This is not the case at SBB&D. They seem to actually care about the food they are handing you over the counter. I was eyeing the dozen-plus variety of bagels behind the counter and came across a bagel with Swiss cheese baked into the top of it. Done. I was just about to ask for a bacon, egg and cheese on that thing when my father-in-law suggested getting a cheese steak instead - this idea was genius I tell you, pure unadulterated genius. 

I promptly ordered one, poured myself a coffee and sat down outside with all the anticipation I had as a child on Christmas eve. I was surprised to see the proprietor, Mr. Russ, walking toward our table with our order. How nice was that? - the proprietor served us, talk about customer care.

Okay, that may have been way too much preamble, but I needed to set the stage for this nugget of goodness - now on to the sandwich. 

It was a stormy night in Maine, the waves were crashing on the rocks and after that third and final thunder clap shook the house I knew we were in trouble - oh, sorry, wrong story... on to the review...
Now scroll down and look at some of the close-ups of this beauty...

The steak was a chopped rib eye, with a texture much like you get at any sandwich shop, HOWEVER, it was of a high quality and loaded with steak flavor. The onions were plenty, the way it should be with a cheese steak, but best of all, the cheese, the glorious creamy white American cheese - the ratio of cheese-to-steak was near 50/50 which in my book brings any ordinary cheese steak to epic proportions. And finally, the crispy Swiss cheese baked onto the top of the bagel hit this would-be single out of the park. This baby gets a solid 10/10 on the BC rating scale.

As usual, whenever I encounter a sandwich this good I stop back as soon as I can to check for consistency (all too often the second attempt is disappointing) but given the family run, caring aspect of this establishment, I'm sure the second will be every bit as good as the first.  

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